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Lovely Star Ruby Crystal Ball New -8%
Lovely Star Ruby Crystal BallStar Ruby Crystal Ball from India, called a star because the like refle..
£32.50 £30.00
Vibrant Colours Labradorite New
Vibrant Colours LabradoriteLovely range of colours across the polished face, gold, blues, green,..
Madagascan Vibrant Colours Labradorite New
Madagascan Vibrant Colours LabradoriteLovely range of colours across the polished face, gold, bl..
Rose Quartz Ganesh Statue New
Rose Quartz Ganesh StatueHand Crafted in India from lovely natural Rose Quartz, a unique carving of ..
Imperial Topaz Brazil x 2 New Out Of Stock
Imperial Topaz Brazil x 2Natural golden Imperial Topaz crystal pieces, nice lighter clearer colour a..
Brazilian Imperial Topaz 2 Crystals New Out Of Stock
Brazilian Imperial Topaz 2 CrystalsNatural golden Imperial Topaz part crystals, nice classic colours..
Chunky Slight Smokey Quartz Point New
Chunky Slight Smokey Quartz PointChunky quartz point from Brazil, with a slightly smokey appearance,..
Star Ruby Crystal Ball New
Star Ruby Crystal Ball from India, called a star because the like reflects from the surface in a sta..
Himalayan Clear Quartz Chlorite Shape New -24%
Himalayan Clear Quartz Chlorite ShapeCarved from Himalayan clear quartz with a hint of chlorite, han..
£8.50 £6.50
Polished Himalayan Quartz Upright New -17%
Polished Himalayan Quartz UprightCarved from Himalayan clear quartz with a touch of chlorite produci..
£15.00 £12.50
Blue Kyanite with Quartz FormationBrazilian blue kyanite in formation with quartz, quite a chunky pi..
Petrified Wood PebbleLovely range of grey, browns, cream colours and patterns an inspiring mineral w..
Shiva Eye HeartThe protective door of a snail shell which parts with the shell at the end of the sna..
Pink Mangano Calcite HeartLovely hand carved mangano calcite heart, nice pattern, a lovely stone o..
Mangano Calcite Crystal SphereLovely pastel pink calcite sphere from the Himalayans, new locality an..
Blue Kyanite with QuartzBrazilian blue kyanite in formation with quartz approximate size: 80mm x 64m..
Rose Quartz Goddess StatueRose Quartz Earth Goddess, carved from Brazilian rose quartz. With a plac..
Preseli Bluestone AngelStonehenge Preseli Bluestone Angel, carved from bluestone from a source locat..
Colourful Vibrant Labradorite Polished FaceSuperb vibrant spectrolite labradorite with a polished su..
Blue gold and Green LabradoriteLovely blue, gold and green vibrant spectrolite labradorite, with..
Red Brown Zincite Formation Out Of Stock
Red Brown Zincite FormationBeautiful grown zincite formation, lovely orange brown colour from Poland..
Alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal 12mm Out Of Stock
Rarer alluvial Chrysoberyl Crystal from Brazilapproximate size:12mm x 9mm x 6mm*actual item..
Calcite Crystal Cluster Chipping Sodbury England Out Of Stock
Calcite Crystal Cluster Chipping Sodbury EnglandClassic small calcite formation from the Hampstead F..
Natural Large Aquamarine crystal slightly tapering towards a calcite and mica encrusted overgrown he..
Crocoite Cluster Out Of Stock
Crocoite ClusterCrocoite Cluster, a combination of vibrant orange brown thin crystals clustered toge..
Burmese Pink Tourmaline Mushroom Out Of Stock
Burmese Pink Tourmaline MushroomA deep fleshy pink Pink Tourmaline formation, with a black underside..
Rare Quartz Crystal with Oil Inclusion Out Of Stock
Rare Quartz Crystal with Oil InclusionClear Himalayan Compact Quartz with oil inclusions which will ..
Epidote with Sphene Crystal ClusterLovely natural epidote crystals together with a sphene crystal, l..
Gold Bearing Quartz OreGold Bearing Quartz Ore, combination of quartz, with multiple gold flakes fro..
Natural sapphire crystal from Sril Lanka, with a pale blue tinge. approximate size: 15mm x 8mm x 8mm..
Blue Tourmaline on Clevlandite with Lepidolite Out Of Stock
Clevlandite with intergrown tourmaline crystals, mostly in 2 areas, 1 area adjacent with a lilac lep..
Large Brandberg Amethyst CrystalLarge Brandberg amethyst from the Brandberg Mountains Namibia, gorge..
English quartz cluster nice distinctive stubby points and terminations from Cumbria approximate size..
Lepidolite Mica and GarnetA natural Lepidolite With Mica from Brazilapproximate size: 73mm(2.9") x 5..
Black Amber Nugget, a darker shade of natural amber sometimes likened to toffee!  approximate s..
Heavily Tourmalinated QuartzHeavily Tourmalinated Quartz point Formation, on closer inspection you ..
Carved Lapis Lazuli Upright FreeformCarved from a high quality Lapis Lazuli, with bright colours fro..
Natural Blue Calcite Polished PebbleLovely blue calcite hand carved and polished into a tactile free..
Nice colour Rose Quartz Heart chunky heart,  fairly translucent, lovely colour. approximate si..
Rare chunky freeform Sugilite tumblestone approximate size: 66mm(2.5") x 28mm(1.1") x 12mm(0.4")*ac..
Lovely colours including shades of a plum colour, an inspiring mineral from Madagascar. approximate ..
K2 Polished Freeform TumblestoneK2 freeform polished larger tumblestone  curved sides with a fl..
Celestobarite Large Tumblestones 30-38mm Out Of Stock
Celestobarite Large TumblestonesGorgeous Celestobarite tumblestones, shaped and 1st stage polished, ..
Himalayan Polished Clear QuartzHimalayan Clear Quartz polished shape with a flat base to stand uprig..
Garnet Polished PalmstoneLovely garnet matrix polished palmstone, cut and polished to shape, from th..
Pocket Peach Aventurine Carved GaneshHand Crafted in India from lovely natural peach aventurine, han..
Lapis Lazuli Smooth StoneCarved Lapis Lazuli with one side polished enough to show off the gorgeous ..
tourmaline baguette, classic style, light sea green in colour approximately 17mm x 4.8mm - 3.4ct *ac..
Polished Lapis Lazuli Disc CabochonCarved from Lapis Lazuli as shown, a Lapis Lazuli polished disc, ..
Lovely freeform shape of titanium Coloured Druzy Quartznice bright colour. cut edge to help with set..
Blue Golden Labradorite Cabochon -43% Out Of Stock
Blue Golden Labradorite CabochonLabradorite cabochon, from Madagascar, colour better than the pictur..
£3.50 £2.00
Golden Labradorite with Polished Face -38%
Grade AA labradorite with a polished surface, predominately golden in colour with some yellow, blue ..
£144.00 £90.00
10 Quartz Part Points -18%
10 Quartz Part Points , with natural striations and markings, a few scraps as with any natural quart..
£5.50 £4.50
Carved Fluorite Angel Statue -17%
Carved Peruvian fluorite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 98mm(3.8") x 37mm(1.4")..
£70.98 £59.00
Larger Carnelian Crystal Ball -11%
Larger Carnelian Crystal BallLovely polished Madagascan carnelian, with a bright polished and classi..
£55.00 £49.00
Carved Pink Rhodocrosite Angel Out Of Stock
Carved Peruvian Rhodocrosite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 100mm(3.9") x 36mm(..
Praying Fluorite Angel Statue -15%
Carved Peruvian fluorite Angel, with lots of detail as shown! approximately 90mm(3.5") x 38mm(1.5")..
£70.98 £60.00
10 Quartz Part Points -18% Out Of Stock
10 Quartz Part Points , with natural striations and markings, a few scraps as with any natural quart..
£5.50 £4.50
Freeform Labradorite Drop Cabochon -46% Out Of Stock
A lovely Labradorite freeform cabochon drop style stone. Slight chip toward to of the stone, barely..
£12.00 £6.50